Best Attorneys for Employee Law near Los Angeles , CA

Navid Yadegar
Los Angeles , CA 90067
Since 1999, Navid Yadegar has represented corporate and individual clients in all aspects of employment law-related matters.
Emanuel Shirazi
Los Angeles, CA 90067
We have worked for and been partners at the nation’s largest and most prominent employment law firms. We have successfully handled all types of labor and employment matters.
(310) 400-5891
Scott Ames
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Scott Ames has been litigating wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower, unfair competition and wage and hour cases on behalf of employees for over 25 years
(310) 478-2500
Kevin Levian
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Levian Law is an experienced trial firm that helps clients resolve matters within the realms of personal injury and employment law in California.
(310) 277-7577
Steven Rubin
Los Angeles, CA 90067
At The Rubin Law Corporation, we know the damage that these conflicts can cause.
(310) 385-0777
Joseph Tojarieh
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Joseph Tojarieh is a Los Angeles employment lawyer and the managing attorney of Stonebrook Law, a labor and employment law firm that exclusively represents California employees.
(310) 553-5533
Ethan Bearman
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Were you fired and not payed what the company owes you? Were you wrongfully terminated
Jonathan Melmed
Los Angeles, CA 90067
California's Employment Lawyer who has recovered millions of dollars for victims of employment law violations.
(310) 569-1380
Michael Nourmand
Los Angeles, CA 90067
I practice predominately labor and employment law representing employees throughout California in individual and class action wage and hour and employment discrimination claims.
(800) 700-9243
Jual Reyes
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
(310) 854-5917
Aidin Ghavimi
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Helping those with employment disputes in Southern California We handle our cases one-on-one and take a special approach to each employment case.
(310) 882-7868
Michael Nourmand
Los Angeles, CA 90067
The Nourmand Law Firm, APC is committed to representing employees throughout the state of California in all areas of employment and wage and hour laws on an individual or class wide basis.
(800) 700-WAGE