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Dr. April Brinkman
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Dr. April Brinkman
Brinkman Law Firm

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Law School

University of Washington
2002 - 2005




Ms. Brinkman is owner and attorney of the law office, and she is licensed in Washington State and in the Western District of Washington Federal Court. She is an attorney with many years of experience. Even more important, she is an attorney with a sincere commitment to helping each and every one of her clients find justice.

In her private practice, Ms. Brinkman represents clients in family law matters, parentage and dissolution cases, including child custody, child support, visitation, and contempt. Ms. Brinkman also takes cases in misdemeanor and felony criminal law matters, with an emphasis on drug related charges and domestic violence cases. In addition, Ms. Brinkman represents youths, including in matters relating to schooling and education, such as rights of free expression, open government, and special education. Ms. Brinkman works on behalf of clients in both civil and criminal cases of child abuse and protection, and she has served as both Attorney for Child and Guardian ad Litem in Juvenile Court.

A graduate of the University of Washington School of Law, Ms. Brinkman worked for private firms and law offices in Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver prior to opening her own practice. Previous to law school, Ms. Brinkman earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University where she studied history, and she graduated from the University or Oregon Honors College with a double major in Psychology and Political Science. She spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Costa Rica and is bilingual in Spanish.

Ms. Brinkman is an active member of the Family Law Section of the Washington State Bar Association and the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Previously, she served as co-chair of the Youth and Law Forum for the Washington Young Lawyers Division, as a member of the Amicus Brief Committee of the Washington State Bar Association, and the Washington State Association for Justice. As part of her community service, she also worked as an adjunct professor at Portland State University and as a lecturer at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

On her own time, Ms. Brinkman likes to travel and explore new places close to her home in the Pacific Northwest.