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Gina Tennen
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Attorney Profile
Law School

University of West Los Angeles
2002 - 2006



Executive Managing Attorney Gina Tennen is a renowned leading advocate of personal liberties and criminal justice. Her meticulous trial preparation and exceptional ability to pursue every possible defense has earned her the admiration of clients and respect from judges, prosecutors, and other criminal defense attorneys all over the United States.

Criminal Attorney Tennen began her career as a Senior Law Clerk for one of the toughest District Attorney's offices in the U.S. where she gained extraordinary experience in juvenile crimes, parole hearings, elder abuse, child abuse, sex and many more serious crimes. Her experience at the District Attorney's Office armed her knowledge and case strategy in exploiting the other side's weaknesses and building a rock solid criminal defense for the client's advantage.  Her experience on both sides and ingenious maneuvering throughout is evidenced in her history of case wins. Even before earning her law degree, she was vital in getting excellent results on several criminal cases outshining her colleagues.

A masterful criminal defense strategist, Ms. Tennen works incessantly on numerous high profile criminal cases. She is a relentless fighter who never gives up on any case. Whether the case is hers or handled by another criminal defense attorney from LibertyBell Law Group, no matter how small the case may seem she asserts that every client deserves the right to the best legal counsel.

It is her deep belief and what she has built her entire career and lifelong dedication to that there is always hope for every client and every avenue should be pursued regardless of the time and energy it takes. For criminal defense attorney Gina Tennen devoting the finest legal defense for clients is a talent and habit that you must implement and do all the time.

You demand the best criminal defense. Take hold of your life and speak to our criminal attorneys by calling 800-432-2355 now.

Founder Gina Tennen and all the attorneys at LibertyBell Law Group uphold that when the bell rings, it rings for life and liberty for all.

Snapshot of Criminal Attorney Gina Tennen

  • Expert legal strategist.
  • Experienced in both prosecution and criminal defense.
  • Relentless fighter for her clients with case results to prove it.