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Ric Woodward
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University of Florida
1988 - 1990




 Attorney Ric Woodward has been offering legal services in Brevard County for more than 23 years. He has handled virtually every type of Family Law case, and is known by his clients, by other attorneys and by judges for his reliability and dependability. He is unique in his approach to the practice of law, in that he involves his clients in all aspects of the case. For example: 


Ric Woodward ensures that his clients are always fully aware of the status of the case. The biggest complaint clients have about attorneys is the concern that the client doesn’t know what’s going on in his case. Ric Woodward solves this concern by ensuring that his client receives copies of everything that he receives or prepares related to their case. Further, he is always accessible to his clients by telephone or email and is very responsive to his clients need for communication by promptly returning calls or emails. He excels at meeting deadlines.

Attorney Ric Woodward believes it is important to fully involve his clients in the process of the case. He fully involves the client in the decision-making part of the case by discussing with the client various courses of action, as well as the costs of each course of action (in terms of time, money and stress), as well as the probable outcomes in litigation. During the process he also provides experienced knowledge regarding the case to his clients so that the client can make educated decisions. Ric Woodward also offers his clients accurate and honest information and opinions. He tells his clients what the client NEEDS TO KNOW, rather than what the client WANTS TO HEAR, which is important for the client to make the proper and informed decisions.

Ric Woodward involves the client in the preparation phases of the case, whether the preparation is for litigation or for mediation. Many attorneys like to prepare for court without the client. However, Ric Woodward prefers to prepare for court with the client present, so that the client can fully understand the process, understand what will be expected of the client and the attorney during litigation or mediation, and recognize the cost of preparing for litigation. 

Attorney Woodward strives to be fair in his billing practices. His hourly rate is extremely competitive in this area, especially for an attorney with his experience (both in terms of years and in terms of litigating experience). He believes it is important that his client understands his billing process and fee structure.

Ric Woodward is unique among attorneys because he prefers to personally handle all facets of your case, rather than leaving others to do so. Your case is personally important to Ric Woodward!