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Henry Lung
The Law Office of Henry Lung, P.C.
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Henry Lung
The Law Office of Henry Lung, P.C.

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Law School

St. John's University
1995 - 1998



(516) 248-8253

 I offer aggressive but compassionate representation at affordable rates. I meet with clients at nights on weekends & will do my best to work with your schedule.

I have been practicing law on my own since Sept. 2000 and I have developed a style that hopefully you will find refreshing, honest, 'right to the point' and attentive to your needs and flexible to your schedule. I pride myself on aggressively representing my clients and advancing their interests instead of sitting around and waiting for my adversary to take the first step.

You might ask how exactly does a person distinguish one lawyer from the next? Aren't they all essentially the same? The correct and only answer is No, No, No. Saying that all lawyers are the same is no different from saying that all cars are the same, all restaurants are the same, all of your previous boyfriends/girlfriends were the same, etc. It is easily the biggest mistake that a person who needs effective legal representation can make. Furthermore, a client's failure to choose the most effective lawyer for his/her case can cost that client thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars and cause that person to undergo a tremendous amount of stress, heartache and unhappiness. In some situations, I have seen that choosing the wrong lawyer can essentially place a clients' life into ruin (financial and otherwise) for years and years to come.

But I have also seen that an excellent lawyer, meaning a lawyer who not only works very hard (and charges a fair price, of course) but who also listens to the client, maps out a winning strategy with his client's input, and always maintains an easy flow of communication with the client can actually make his client's life better in many ways. I am referring to all types of cases, but in particular all divorce cases (especially contested divorce cases), Family Court cases, criminal defense cases (especially when I have the pleasure of defending an innocent person), Immigration cases, commercial litigation a/k/a debt collection matters, Immigration, Adoption, Landlord-Tenant and Unemployment matters.

In the past few years, I have litigated several difficult contested divorce and Family Court cases against some well-known lawyers and law firms. I was able to win these cases convincingly and those matters made me realize that I have become a very effective litigation lawyer. I am a modest person and I do not do stupid things to draw unnecessary attention to myself. But I do feel that I am on the verge of becoming a well-known lawyer on Long Island and hopefully, in the boroughs of New York City and Westchester also.

Regarding the 'thank you' letters from my former clients, a person who does not know me might find them to be vain or conceited, but I attached them for the following reason: there are so many lawyers who make false promises to their clients and distort the truth that I feel compelled to show everything that will reflect my values, my integrity and my way of handling my cases. I do often feel that I am the most honest lawyer that I know. I do not engage in sneakiness, subterfuge, or 'sneak attacks' in order to win my cases. If I do not feel that I can win your case, I will let you know right away, instead of telling you 'bad news' halfway into the case or at the very end.

I realize that anyone can 'toot his/her own horn' ad nauseum. No type of human being on this planet is better at self-promotion than a lawyer. Therefore, I am humbly asking you to remember the following: if I did not obtain successful results in case after case for my clients, I would be of little worth and value as a lawyer. You do not need your lawyer to be a 'nice guy' or a stylish dresser or someone who is known by all the judges or someone whose office looks like it belongs in a museum (paid for with incredibly high retainer deposits, no doubt). What you and every client needs is an effective lawyer that listens to the client, works with the client, and gets the job done. Some lawyers show off by screaming and pounding their fists, others talk as if they are paid by each spoken word, others will buy thousand dollar suits, etc. The truth is that lawyers do not have a positive reputation in our society and I can see why this awful reputation is so pervasive.

I believe that you will find me to be friendly, modest, an excellent listener, but also unlike many lawyers, very compassionate and caring. I am not here to waste your time and I do not talk in circles, clich├ęs, and I do not tell 'war stories.' I am here to resolve the legal issues in your life with as much speed as possible and at the lowest cost possible to you.

CAVEAT: I believe in telling each and every client the complete and total truth about his/her case at the very beginning of the case, meaning right at the initial consultation. In my opinion this is the paramount responsibility of every lawyer. To do otherwise is to play games with the client's hopes, not to mention the client's time and money.

I also do not bill my clients for speaking with them on the phone. This is an utterly ridiculous practice that practically all lawyers (those who charge by the hour) engage in. I have heard of clients who call their lawyer and stare at their watch at the same time. This is totally absurd and insane. At the rate of $400 per hour, an 11 minute phone call costs $72.00. Why don't you chew on that the next time you need to buy groceries for your family or need gasoline for the car.

I can be reached at [email protected] (or [email protected]). In the future, I will start to blog so that I do not have to constantly make adjustments and updates to my website. Please check my page on Facebook (Law Office of Henry Lung, PC) or go to my Home Page on www.Lawyers.com to look for these blogs.

In case of a true emergency (an arrest, a court appearance in the next 72 hours, you were just served with papers, etc.), please go to the Section named 'For Emergencies Only.' Regarding my first consultation with a potential client, my policy is sometimes I charge a fee and sometimes I do not. Please call me at (516) 248-8253 or email me at the above 2 email addresses and I will explain.

If you are a pro se litigant (meaning you represent yourself), I am in the process of creating a Section on my website entitled 'Help For Pro Se Litigants.' I am glad to assist anyone who is brave enough to navigate our legal system on his/her own.

Thank you once again for visiting my home page on Lawyers.com! Please excuse me if you find my use of bold lettering to be an eyesore. I am just trying to point out the important terms that some potential clients look for right away. Here is a description of the areas of law that I handle:

I am a litigation attorney, plain and simple. Before I graduated law school, I decided that the way to represent the general public to the best of my ability was to dive into litigation, which also includes criminal defense. In fact, when it comes to criminal defense, it is my pleasure to represent a client who is innocent. Yes it is true that the police and District Attorney's office are right far more than 50% of the time, but they are not perfect. No person who is innocent should ever be advised/tricked/goaded into pleading guilty, not even to 'disorderly conduct' (which in New York is a violation and not a misdemeanor). Nevertheless, the term for an acquittal, after trial, in the field of criminal defense is not 'innocent' but rather 'not guilty.'

I see the litigation in our Court system as 'modern day warfare,' meaning that instead of fighting your adversary with a gun, knife, dynamite, etc., I am essentially fighting for my clients with the filing of Motions, Memoranda of law, testimony taken from depositions and hearings, and applications made 'on the record' in Court. Ultimately, the end of the war is the trial itself.

I specialize in the nasty, vicious divorce cases that are called 'contested divorces.' I also work heavily in Family Court matters and criminal defense cases (including traffic tickets/moving violations and the restoration of suspended driver's licenses). But I am well-versed in civil litigation in general and have obtained excellent results for my clients in other types of civil litigation cases, from debt collection to foreclosure defense to legal malpractice, etc. The term 'civil litigation' includes many different types of lawsuits and it essentially refers to all civil lawsuits.

I am an effective lawyer because I fully commit myself to the pressures, challenges and responsibilities that each case presents. I am referring to keeping track of appearances in Court, filing Motions on time, responding to Motions filed by opposing counsel, staying on top of paperwork, not to mention preparing my client for a deposition (or a hearing) and eventually, the trial. A successful lawyer must perform all of the above tasks well in order to ensure that each and every client's case has the best chance of being victorious.

In addition to representing English - speaking clients, I am fluent in Spanish and it has been my pleasure to represent Hispanic clients. I also speak Chinese (Mandarin only) and I welcome phone calls/inquiries from Chinese-speaking clients.

Soy un abogado bilingue y por lo tanto puedo comunicar directamente con mis clientes en vez de utilizar un interprete.

As a 'sole practitioner,' I work directly with my clients and I handle 100% of my own cases, unlike many other lawyers and law firms. It is a shame that sometimes a client will hire a lawyer (or law firm), only to find out that the lawyer whom they met with at the beginning (and paid the attorney fee to) is not the lawyer who ultimately works on the case. Many times I have come across people in Court who are waiting for a lawyer whom they have not spoken to prior to the court appearance. Sometimes I even see people in Court who have never met their lawyer before.