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Matthew Tuohy
Matthew Tuoy Esquire
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Matthew Tuohy
Matthew Tuoy Esquire

Attorney Profile
Law School

Villanova University
1988 - 1992



I gained experience in both negotiation and managing clients while working for a major financial insitution for three years after I finished my undergraduate studies at Villanova University. However, after achieving both monetary and professional success in that area, I realized that the profession of law was a better fit for someone like myself. Having been a four year varsity lacrosse player at Villanova I longed for a profession where I could capitalize on my competitive nature, yet also position myself where I could help people "who really needed help", and guidance.

Accordingly I decided to give up the benefits of the Wall Street life where I enjoyed success and go to law school to pursue my dream of becoming an attorney. When I had the chance to begin my practice after graduation from law school, I gravitated to the area of criminal law for many reasons. First and foremost, I found it the most interesting and exciting area of the law, and I had a passion for the fast paced "thinking-on your feet" environment. Second, I have always wanted to help people who are down and out, have made a mistake, or are simply in a bad position. In fact, I've always had compassion for people in these circumstances and have gravitated in both professional and personal areas of my life toward helping people who have landed in dire circumstances for whatever reason.

I am certain that what sets me a part from other attorneys in this field is my inter-personal skills in dealing with people and my accessibility. I grew up in a diverse ethnic and socio-economic community, and that has helped me relate on a personal level with all of my clients. Whether I'm representing a blue collar worker, a surgeon, a Wall Street banker, or a single parent struggling to make ends meet I have the ability to relate and communicate to everyone. In addition I give all clients my personal cell phone and while maintaining professional standards treat all clients in a "friendly" and caring manner.

In my 17 years of practice in criminal law I have successfully handled all types of major felonies. In these cases I have negotiated many beneficial settlements to reduced charges that have helped my clients gain a new lease on life. In the alternative, in some cases where there is no means of a settlement I have successfully tried and achieved not-guilty verdicts on assaults, Dwi cases, sex abuse, rape, and forcible touching. In addition I have gotten not guilty verdicts in criminal mischief, criminal restriction of breathing, and endangering the welfare of a child cases.

Accordingly, many of these cases have been in the news and followed in the media. Recently I tried a manslaughter in the first degree case in Suffolk county court where the jury came back with a "hung jury", and my client walked out of the courtroom. I have also handled high profile federal cases in both Maryland and New York federal courts where I managed the equivalent of potential life sentences to limited jail terms whereby my clients could "have a life".

Friendship and "sticking together" are what's important to me. I have been law partners with my best friends that I grew up with all through child hood for my entire career. I treat my clients with that same sense of loyalty and togetherness. After all, once I'm on the case "we are in it together". Athletics is also a big part of my life. Ive been able to transfer the concepts of teamwork, sacrifice, and game day intensity from the ball field to the courthouse. I utilize all of those skills I gained to help give my clients the best and most well rounded representation that I can provide.

In conclusion, my goal is not to just earn a fee and handle a case to its finality. Actually, my goal is that after you hire me you determine that I am your's and your family's lawyer for life, and that even when you encounter non-criminal legal issues you come to me for guidance and counsel.