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Judd Allen
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Judd Allen
Arash Law

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Law School

2000 - 2007



(213) 263-6449

Judd Ross Allen graduated from Whittier College before attending the Southwestern University Law School where he graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree. As a Trial Attorney at Arash Law, Judd focuses on personal injury cases, and the goal of reclaiming the quality of life his clients enjoyed before being hurt by another’s negligence.
Before joining his current firm, Judd honed his skills as an in-house attorney for a major insurance company, where he saw first-hand how the corporate undermining of injury victims left them without the financial recourse they needed to regain their complete health.
With the realization that something had to change, Judd began his fight for the victims and has not looked back. Saddened by the insurance company’s tactics, and empathetic to the real-time needs of personal injury victims, Mr. Allen moved on to become one of the leading attorneys in his specialized practice areas in the state.
As an advocate for personal injury victims, Judd fights tirelessly for his clients, forcing large financial settlements during mediation and talentedly arguing on their behalves to receive the best jury verdict and financial outcome available, when his opponents choose not to settle outside of court.