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Evan Breaux
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Evan Breaux
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Louisiana State University
2014 - 2015



(504) 914-7779

A native of New Orleans, Evan Breaux joined Breaux Law Firm in 2017 as an associate of his father Darryl Breaux.

Evan gained his Juris Doctor from Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center and he is licensed to practice law in Metairie, New Orleans, and other cities of the Louisiana state.

Being the son of a famous New Orleans lawyer Darryl Breaux, Evan is a born lawyer and his mission is to become a high-flier attorney with clients' achievement.

In the light of the foregoing Evan is a passionate lawyer who loves to take challenges and fight for injured people to protect their rights. He has years of experience representing clients in all areas of personal injury cases including auto accidents, insurance recovery, offshore accidents, workers compensation, medical malpractice, product liability, wrongful death, and so forth.

He always focuses on ensuring clients’ satisfaction and success. besides, hold an astonishing background as a lawyer in accident and injury claim management.

Evan and his team handle every case with utmost care and ensure success-oriented steps throughout the entire legal process.