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Peter Franklin
Franklin Investigations & Consulting
174 Veed Garland Road
Spruce Pine, NC 28777

(828) 766-7221

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Peter Franklin
Franklin Investigations & Consulting

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(828) 766-7221

Over 12 years of experience in law enforcement, fraud investigations, child abuse and neglect investigations, freelance investigative reporting for local media, and experience in contracting along with cost and time coordinating and safety (EMSHA regulations) within construction and mining operations.

Always Available- Discreet & Confidential- Economically Based PricingComplete Attention to Every Case- Professionally Prepared Reports- Prompt & Efficient Process Service 

Ø        Domestic Surveillance (Infidelity/Divorce Issues)

  Covert GPS Tracking, Child Custody, Nanny & Teen Surveillance

  Hidden Video Services

Ø         Process Services (Summons & Subpoena)

  Reasonably priced for service anywhere in Western NC

  Volume Pricing available for consistent flows

Ø         Filing Services (24th Judicial District)

  Need to Save Time?  Let me file your court materials

Ø         Real Estate/Property/Deed Inquiries

  Need Professional Title Search Work?  I have the training to conduct this service contracting under your supervision

Ø         Witness Locating

Ø         Civil, Environmental, Worker’s Comp. & Benefits Fraud Investigations

Ø          DSS & Child Protective Services Issues

  Have a client dealing with the unusual bureaucracy and law of DSS?  With over 7 years of experience in this field, I know what CPS is supposed to do and have probably not done, as well as what they are doing that they are not permitted to do!

Ø         Government Agency & Institutional Corruption

  Not afraid to get my hands dirty with accessing public records and filing Freedom of Information Act requests while keeping my client confidential

Ø       Digital Photography- HD Video Recording- Mobile Computing