Can a Superior Court Judge give testimony for a prosecution witness ?

At criminal "Bench trial" the DA asked a witness for the prosecution to tell the court how far away the only eye witness in the case was from where the suspect was standing during an In Field Show Up. The witness (Arresting Officer) attempted to describe the distance by saying "From here to about the front row benches of the courtroom". He did not know the actual measurement. The DA then asked the trial judge to provide her "Guess" as to the distance from the witness box to the front row of benches. The Judge then "Guessed" the distance to be 24 feet. The Judges "testimony" on behalf of the police officer witness for the DA was then recorded as factual evidence and was "Key evidence" to convict defendant. The defense attorney did NOT object, despite having visited the scene where the In Field Show Up took place and seeing with his own eyes that the distance was TRULY much further away as in 150 feet !
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