California attorney search question

Can you tell me any websites where I can post my case of a conviction so as to have it viewed by Attorneys who specialize in what my case about ? What I mean is for example, I post my case and what I want to discuss with an attorney that specializes in "appeals" or "Filing writs of ......". And if an attorney might be interested in my case and what I wish to consult with him/her about, then the attorney could contact me back to tell me whether or not he is interested in possibly accepting my case or at least meeting me for a consultation etc... Instead of doing it the old fashion way and thumbing thru the yellow pages for an attorney, calling his/her office and being placed on hold for an hour or having to explain my case to the front desk personnell who answers the attorney office phone. I would think that in this high tech world of internet, there would be some type of website with the type of forum I seek ?? Any suggestions ?
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