I received notice to perform covenant or quit letter? Section 17.52.010(8) Also, an attorney from Venice, CA had called me from a blocked number and used intimidation scare tactics when I stated the facts that ex-roommate fled to NY from LA to "get

Someone taped a "NOTICE TO PERFORM COVENANT OR QUIT" letter to our apartment door tonight. This notice was not signed by the so-called "law firm", nor was it delivered by U.S. Postal Office and/or sealed in a professional envelope. The landlord did approve of us taking over ex-roommate's lease because he fled to NY (Brooklyn or Queens), having spent our deposit and not paying for this month's rent. We found out he was illegally subletting it out and overcharged us beyond market value. This letter states I have to leave within 3 days?! "You must therefore cure said breach within 3 days by removing the unauthorized occupants from the unit or quiet the premises." Again, I spoke with the property manager and he wants us to take over the lease. Stated we could stay until April 30th, and if not, then look for a new place to live. Property manager removed ex-roommate off the lease, evicted him and emailed him (fake last name on ex-roommates email account and Facebook) that he is not to return to "his apartment". I filed a police report with the LA Deputy Sheriff station, and gave him a copy of the massive amount of texts and email, of verbal and violent assaults. A witness also reported ex-roomie said, "I can't wait to get my U.S. Citizenship papers cleared so I can purchase a personal gun and shoot a lot of people. The world is going to end, 'a wave' is coming soon. I'm booking a flight to LA in a few days or end of month (profanity)." were his exact words. He also fled his country because he owed massive amount of money to his people, and has been living in the U.S. under a fake last name. He owes us over $5,000. Do I ignore this unprofessional letter that someone had taped to my apartment door tonight?
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