*Lots of questions, I see, are left unanswered* PLEASE HELP Yesterday my girlfriend (incarcerated)@ Yavapai County Jail was shown her first plea which was for 10yrs, resultant from 2 FTA for DUI's and driving on suspended license wit

A girlfriend of mine (incarcerated @ Yavapai County Jail) was brought an Plea Agreement by her appointed attorney yesterday that was for TEN YEARS!, which was for 2 FTA warrants issued for 2 occurrences of DUI and driving on suspended. The second DUI stop was on her "quad" ATV on a dirt road, and contained 4 counts of aggravated DUI. The last of these occurred in 2007. PLEASE can someone help!? I think this is absolutely unjust. She has a 3yr old son (not my child, the biological father is not involved/communicating/abandoned them). They've been staying with me around four months now, we've been together (again) for about a year. I dont know how to help her and I dont think her court appointed trial lawyer is keeping her best interest in mind. Arizona's required mandatory incarceration/fines is/should be such an excessive amount of time considering all factors that affect the range of punishment
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