how can i get a lawyer that will do a probono

my son been falsely accused of a crime his girl friend was up set with him and call the police on him and made up lies on him not once not twice but three times three deference times now he can face prison time on some thing he never did she want up to the court when he was getting bail reduction and told his public defender that she made up the lies and that she was up setwith my son because he toke her keys to her car there are so many witness that seen every thing my son never done any of the things she said she also told the investigator that she made up the storie that she told the police my son incented his bail is so high I cant even afford to get him out rite now i'm laid off cant afford to get him a good lawyer I feel as a parent I fail I cant even help my son i'm looking for a lawyer to help that do probono or I can barter my service I 'm a professional upholster been doing upholstery work for 27 years just been laid off I can work from my house if needed please guide me i'm at my last wits don't know how to help my son please ,please i'm begging some one to help me tell me what I can do I think his girlfriend needs to be in jail from making up lies wasting the police time and the inverstgator time wasting our taxe money it's not rite for some to lie on a person that never did nothing but love her God Bless
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