NY PUB LANDS § 2. State-owned real property inventory and management program

1. Definitions.  As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires:

a. “State agency” shall mean any department, division, board, commission, bureau, office or other agency of the state other than a public authority or public benefit corporation, except that for the purpose of subdivision two hereof, the term shall include any public authority or public benefit corporation any member or director of which is appointed by the governor and having jurisdiction, custody or control of any state-owned real property.

b. “State-owned real property” shall include all lands and buildings, structures, facilities, and improvements thereon, title to which is vested in the people of the state of New York.

2. State-owned real property inventory.  The commissioner of general services shall establish, maintain and have the custody of an inventory of all state-owned real property, as an aid in the utilization and management of the land resources of the state.  The inventory shall include any state-owned real property under the jurisdiction, custody or management of any state agency, whether acquired by appropriation, purchase, gift or otherwise.  In order to provide an accurate and current inventory for use by the commissioner of general services, state agencies and the legislature, the commissioner may by rule or regulation prescribe the elements, extent and format of the information to be included and the procedures for collection, presentation and verification of the information to be contained in the inventory.  The commissioner shall by rule or regulation, and upon the advice of the comptroller, prescribe the elements, extent and format of the information to be included and the procedures for collection, presentation, and verification of such information necessary to establish and maintain a set of general fixed asset accounts that comply with generally accepted accounting principles.  Each state agency shall deliver to the commissioner of general services such information at the times and in the manner as determined by him to be necessary for the establishment and maintenance of the inventory and shall permit the commissioner and his agents to make such physical and records inspections as deemed necessary by the commissioner for the purposes of the inventory program.

3. State-owned real property management program.  The commissioner of general services is authorized and directed to study, evaluate and coordinate state agency management practices, plans and procedures for the acquisition, utilization and disposition of state-owned real property, and to advise and assist state agencies in the improvement of such management practices, plans and procedures.